Hi, I’m Farrah. I am a wedding photographer documenting elopements and small weddings from New York to California and everywhere in between! I especially love Detroit and The PNW, but will happily travel anywhere your love takes you.



      I am a wedding + elopement photographer with an emphasis on epic landscapes (both natural and urban) and romantic love. My photography style is adventurous while remaining timeless and romantic, centered around telling your love story. I strive to capture your wedding day in an authentic way; I am always searching for something passionate, meaningful, unique, and full of adventure and beauty.

      I am outdoor enthusiast who still loves the hustle and bustle of the big city. I am inspired by both windy mountain tops and rocky deserts just as much as skyscrapers and neon lights. My couples prefer a peaceful, relaxed wedding day with an emphasis on their love.

      Throughout my 27 years, I’ve fallen in love with too many places and I haven’t been able to settle down in just one. This allows me to photograph your love anywhere in the world. I especially love the beaches of the Oregon Coast, the enthusiastic energy of Detroit, and the mountains of upstate New York. I am an expert traveler and am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

       If you’re inspired by windblown hair, fresh air, and the sexy passion you have for your boo- then I’m your girl!

      meet your photographer.

      Hey there! I’m Farrah, and I’m a wedding photographer specializing in small, outdoor and adventure focus weddings and elopements. This thing works a whole lot better if you actually like, know, and trust me! I’ll go first…

      At a glance, I would say I’m pretty blunt, but always empathetic. I’ve often been described by my friends as “always down for whatever”. You know why? We only have ONE life! I believe in making it count and trying everything once.


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